Which Level For My Child?

The scope & emphasis of the Singapore curriculum is not directly comparable to Australia, particularly in the primary & middle school levels. Broadly speaking it is 1 year or more ahead of Australia, in Maths, English & Science.

As a general rule, if your child’s ability can be measured at about a 7 or more on a scale of 1 to 10 in their current class level, ie. is well ahead of the class average, it may be worth considering the equivalent Singapore Primary level in the TheBalancedChild series. Otherwise it may be better to use a lower level of Singapore books initially. You would then know for yourself if your child needs stronger foundation skills.

My own children’s experience in Australia suggests that for example a Year 5 child coping moderately well in school here would be better suited to the Singapore Primary 4 workbooks offered by TheBalancedChild.  A child who needs a stronger grounding initially could well benefit by starting at one step lower to build a firm foundation, then working up to the equivalent year level.

If you find that you need a more suitable level of books after you have made a purchase from us, we will exchange them at no cost, provided you return the books in their original unused condition. You would of course need to bear the shipping costs.

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