TED Talks: Can You Build a Simple Modern Gadget from Scratch?

(Young people would find this article interesting)

Imagine we were transported back to 1900 in a time machine. Would we be able to put together a simple household appliance from scratch to show people of the 1900’s how we live in 2017?  Tougher than I thought.

Here’s a funny example in a TED Talk by Thomas Thwaites:  Click here

‘How I built a toaster – from scratch’. He discovered that the simplest – and perhaps the cheapest – toaster has 400+ bits made up of 100+ materials.

“It takes an entire civilization to build a toaster. Designer Thomas Thwaites found out the hard way, by attempting to build one from scratch: mining ore for steel, deriving plastic from oil … it’s frankly amazing he got as far as he got.”

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