Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks | Kids Maths

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Maths ‘Launch Pad’:
Thinking Skills & Heuristics
Non-Routine Maths Problems
Challenging Maths Word Problems

Based on an approach that consistently produces the top  students worldwide.

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Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks | Kids Maths

Maths ‘Launch Pad’:
Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks | Kids MathsThinking Skills & Heuristics, Primary 4, 120 pgs
The foundation to mastering maths at an early age, this book strengthens the child’s critical thinking skills. Especially relevant, it focuses on the underlying processes and strategies essential to problem-solving. It has a strong focus on Heuristics. Worked answers are provided. More details

Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks | Kids MathsNon-Routine Maths Problem, Primary 4, 128 pgs
Companion to ‘Thinking Skills & Heuristics‘, this workbook develops vital thinking, reasoning and process skills. It achieves this through activity-based learning and novel word problems. Furthermore, it is set in real-world contexts. Worked answers are provided. More details

Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks | Kids MathsChallenging Maths Word Problems, Primary 4,  75 pgs
This workbook complements the other 2 workbooks in the set. It presents a variety of word problems to help children develop problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills. Children therefore learn to form judgements & make decisions confidently. More details

The Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks – ideal for 9 year olds to 11 year olds.


What’s special about our Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks?

They are based on the renowned and imaginative Singapore approach that has consistently  produced the top  students worldwide (learn more about the global school rankings).

The Singapore teaching method employs a step by step spiral technique, revisiting basic concepts repeatedly, at a higher level each time. Furthermore they include increasingly complex word problems and concepts, often in real world situations. As a result, children develop critical thinking skills & problem solving strategies. In addition they learn a variety of techniques such as deduction, identifying patterns and estimation.

Our workbooks come in a graduated series from Year 1 (referred to as ‘Primary 1’ in Singapore) through to Year 6. They typically also include worked examples to help your child understand new concepts.

Please Note: The Singapore standard is on an average about 1 year ahead of Australia. For example, the typical Year 4 Australian child would normally be able to use the Singapore Primary 3 books more effectively. For more info please refer to Which Level For My Child?

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