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Science is the systematic effort to understand the history of the natural world and how the natural world works, with observable and repeatable evidence to support it. It plays a critical role in society, and helps us understand how the world around us functions. Critically it also helps us manoeuvre our way through this ever-evolving world.


Our Science workbooks are based on the renowned Singapore education system (click here to learn more), and are organised in an illustrated and easy-to-understand format. They generally consist of 2 books that complement each other: a study guide (‘Partner Book’), supported by a comprehensive workbook.

The ‘Partner Book’ is a complete resource book for the key Science topics of Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Energy & Interactions, with examples & illustrations. It forms the basis for the accompanying Science workbook.

The Science Workbook is a comprehensive exercise book that consolidates the knowledge from the accompanying Partner Book through numerous Exercises, with multiple-choice, structured and open-ended questions.


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