Code Master | Programming for Kids | Age 8+
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Coding, the ‘new literacy’ of the 21st Century, is simply telling a computer or app what you want it to do.

As a result, kids as young as 5 (or 4!) can code.

Learn to Code – Code to Learn
Our specially selected kids coding toys help children build programming and logic skills.


Why kids should learn to code (click for more).

Coding and Programming for kids is a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can excel in other areas like maths and science, with enormous benefits:

  • Confidence: it is first of all very empowering for children to invent and create workable solutions, and in the process discover latent abilities hidden deep down,
  • Creativity: in addition they are able to improvise, innovate and invent projects that can do amazing things, often startling themselves,
  • Innovation: from a 10-year-old awarded for creating numerous apps including an iPhone weather app for kids (click here), to a 9-year old Melbourne kid awarded for a miniature piano that fits inside a pocket (click here).
  • Logic: furthermore kids learn fundamental thinking skills like sequencing, loops, and conditionals – concepts that are used in everyday life.


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