Genetics & DNA | STEM Discovery Kit | Age 10+
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Science STEM Toys

Science is the systematic study of how and why the physical & natural worlds work, through observation & experiment. As a result it helps us navigate through this ever-evolving world.


Our Science STEM Toys for children are specially selected to help them develop their creativity & innovation. As a result they have loads of fun in the process. They include Genetics & DNA, Chemistry, Alternative Energy, and more.

In addition scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions – both individually and collectively.

There are many branches of Science. Some study outer space like astronomy. In addition, other sciences study life (chemistry and biology) or the earth (geology) or also matter and energy (physics).

Because its products are so useful, the process of exploring Science often delivers amazing applications: from a 11-year old awarded for her water-contamination testing invention (click for more), to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it will influence the jobs of tomorrow (click for more), to building a super-sports car that runs on salt water (click for more).

Science STEM Toys – for undiscovered geniuses!


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