Fun with Sums Addition & Subtraction – Kids Maths Game

Kids Maths games

Very effective learning-aids for children who need to build a stronger foundation in Maths.

They provide the experiential learning to anchor the intellectual learning from our kids Maths workbooks, in a fun setting.


Our supporting Maths workbooks

The supporting kids Maths workbooks are from Singapore. They are based on the renowned Singapore approach that consistently produces the top students worldwide (click here). The workbooks are often also referred to as Math worksheets.

The ‘Singapore approach’ draws from leading education research worldwide, and the global teaching community now refers to it as ‘Singapore Math’.

Maths & Science are disciplines that often cause anxiety in children, often also with their parents. As a result many children take to other learning pursuits in their teens, to get away from their discomfort with these subjects. This is needless in many cases, because if handled with thought and care, particularly in the early years, most children grow to be at ease with these subjects. As a result they learn to view them as important life skills.


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