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STEM Science Toys

World leaders concur that Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths are the way forward in the 21st Century. The focus of STEM is the inter-relationship between these disciplines, with a problem-solving approach.


The importance of STEM:
Especially relevant, underlying STEM-thinking is the need to identify real-world needs and problems and their solutions. This is particularly required for the rapidly evolving world we live in and the direction it takes. Furthermore, it has implications for economies and the workforce of the future.

Why STEM Science Toys?

STEM toys encourage children to explore the world around them, and consequently develop skills in problem-solving, designing and building.

In addition, STEM learning is most effective when it happens both in and outside school. And what engages kids outside school? TOYS, of course.

Is there a future scientist, engineer, mathematician or world leader in your family? We are proud to bring you this specially selected range of STEM toys because they have clear goals, and encourage kids to acquire all-important STEM skills while having fun.

TheBalancedChild carries a very select ‘high-value’ range of STEM toys that we believe stand out from the numerous products available in the market. They currently come in 4 categories:


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