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Math Worksheets for kids

Our kids Maths workbooks are from Singapore. They are based on the renowned Singapore approach that consistently produces the top students worldwide (click here). The workbooks are often also referred to as Math worksheets,

The ‘Singapore approach’ draws from leading education research worldwide, and the global teaching community now refers to it as ‘Singapore Math’.


The term ‘Singapore Math’ has also come to refer to the general Singapore approach to teaching kids Maths, Science and English, employing a ‘concrete to abstract’ approach.

It pays particular attention to the fact that children have different thinking styles. As a result it incorporates different learning strategies and techniques for any learning situation, to address the various learning styles. In addition, it revisits key topics at each learning level, with added complexity and sophistication each time. For more details click here.

Our Math Worksheets for kids

Our specialist Math worksheets for kids, focused on the primary school level, effectively supplement learning at school or at home. They also help to extend and anchor the child’s understanding of the key concepts & principles of the various maths topics.

Each year level generally has 3 Maths workbooks: ‘Maths Thinking Skills & Heuristics’, ‘Non-Routine Maths Problems’, and ‘Olympiad Maths Trainer’. They are designed to complement each other, and if used together will provide a comprehensive set of skills for the year. Each of these workbooks is offered for every primary year level, at a higher level each time. For example, we offer ‘Maths Thinking Skills & Heuristics’ for each of the years 1 to 6.


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