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Kids Science Workbooks

Science is the systematic effort to understand how the natural world works, with observable and repeatable evidence. It helps us to effectively understand how our evolving world works.

The term ‘Singapore Maths’ has now come to refer to the general Singapore approach to teaching Kids Science, Maths and English.


Especially relevant, it pays particular attention to the fact that children have different thinking styles. Consequently it addresses the various learning styles, and provides different learning strategies and techniques for any learning situation. In addition, it revisits key topics at each learning level, with added complexity and sophistication each time. For more details click here.

Our Kids Science worksheets

Our kids Science workbooks are based on the renowned Singapore education system (click here to learn more). They are organised in an illustrated and easy-to-understand format. They generally consist of 2 books that complement each other: a study guide (‘Partner Book’), supported by a comprehensive workbook.

The Partner Book is first of all a complete resource book for the key Science topics of Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Energy & Interactions. It also includes examples & illustrations. Furthermore it forms the basis for the accompanying Science workbook.

The Science Workbook is a comprehensive exercise book that strengthens the knowledge from the accompanying Partner Book through numerous Exercises, with multiple-choice, structured and open-ended questions.


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