Can You Solve the Dark Coin Riddle? (TED Ed)

Can You Solve the Dark Coin Riddle? (TED Ed)

Kids Maths puzzle. (Hint: not just for Maths whizzes)

Can You Solve the Dark Coin Riddle? (TED Ed)

Another dungeon, another evil Wizard. You’re stuck in the dungeon, and the only way out is to solve the puzzle. Looks difficult, but has a surprisingly easy solution. Kids are just as likely to solve it as adults – and not just the Maths whizzes.

The Problem

  • There are 100’s of coins in a pile, each coin with a dark side and a silver side
  • All you have to do is to separate the coins into 2 piles, so that each pile has the same number of coins facing silver side up.
  • At first you noticed there are 20 coins with the silver side facing up
  • Suddenly the lights went off, and you’re now in the dark
  • You must divide the coins into 2 piles, and they do not have to be equal. Each pile can have any number of coins, so long as both piles have the same number of silver sides facing up
  • The coins are exactly the same. In the dark there is no way to tell which side is silver facing
  • You can flip coins if you wish, but cannot rest them on their edge.

Can you solve the riddle? If not watch the video: Click here

Comes with a Bonus Riddle at the end.

Kids Maths puzzle

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