Khan Academy | You Can Learn Anything For Free

Khan Academy | You Can Learn Anything For Free

Khan Academy is a respected and free US-based online education platform. It produces short educational lessons in the form of YouTube videos.

The free self-learning online tools are available to anyone, even students as young as Primary school. It provides free learning on almost any topic: Maths, Science, Computing, Physics, Arts, Economics, and numerous other topics.

Khan Academy was created by entrepreneur and educator Salman Khan in 2006, and has been recognised and supported by several large US and international organisations including Google and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

It has delivered over one billion lessons worldwide. Equally relevant, the platform is used by 40 million students and two million teachers every month. Today, Khan Academy’s educational content is being translated to 36 languages by individual volunteers and international partners.

Furthermore, its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

Here’s a simple example: Introduction to Fractions for Year 3 (Click here)

For more on Khan Academy visit:


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