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America’s 11-year-old Prize-Winning Scientist

Tethys water contamiation tester

11-year-old Gitanjali Rao has won America’s Top Young Scientist award for her water-contamination testing invention. She plans to spend the $25,000 prize money on improving her device to make it available in the market for more people to use to test for lead-contaminated water. She was inspired to develop her device by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Her simple device uses carbon nanotubes that attract lead molecules in the … Read more

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – So What’s All The Fuss?

AI Robot-Human Interface

(Intended to pique the interest of the budding engineer / scientist) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer Sci-Fi. It’s not just for scientists and advanced computer programmers – even school kids are getting into it now. It is already in our daily lives Google’s driverless car Waymo, Apple’s ‘Siri’ speech recognition, IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ computer beating Russian chess master Garry Kasparov, medical diagnosis, evaluating job applications, picking customer orders in … Read more

The Magic of Physics! – A bit of fun

 A bit of fun for the budding young scientist. What makes these little physics tricks work? Something to challenge the Physics teacher with. Click below:   Click here to explore our Award-Winning STEM Science products, including Physics-Mechanics-Engineering kits. STEM: Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths The 21 Century focus. For young leaders of the future.

The Sports Car That Runs On Salt Water – STEM Science

STEM Science - Salt Water Sports Car

(This article is targeted at budding young engineers & scientists) When a recent startup called NanoFlowcell introduced the Quantino, the company’s city-car sized concept at the 2015 Geneva show, it caught the interest of the tech world. The car has been approved for use on European roads, and gets its power from a simple sounding alternative energy system. It has a “flow cell” comprised of two 159-litre tanks, each filled … Read more

TED-Ed: The Power of ‘Creative Contraints’

STEM Science

(This article is targeted at budding young engineers & scientists) Imagine you’re asked to create something new. You can make whatever you want, with whatever materials you want, in any shape or size you want. Easy? Sounds easy, but is actually hard to do. Unlimited freedom isn’t always very helpful when you want to be creative. In real life we are restricted by several limits or constraints such as cost, … Read more

Kids Can Code with Ease – TED Talk

Coding for Kids - Robot Turtles

“Learn to Code. Code to Learn” MIT Media Lab’s Mitch Resnick says Coding isn’t just for computer whizzes— it’s for everyone. In fact numerous studies show that kids as young as 5 can code – surprisingly well in fact Resnick directs MIT’s ‘Lifelong Kindergarten‘, and in a fun, demo-filled TED talk he outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies … Read more

STEM, Artificial Intelligence & Future Jobs

AI Robot-Human Interface

GOOGLE’s head of research thinks that many of the jobs 20 years from now do not yet exist. There’s little we can do now to train for what we cannot foresee. What we can do is to be flexible and have an ability to learn new things and keep ahead of machines. Which means getting comfortable with AI (artificial intelligence), automation and related disciplines. For our kids now it means … Read more

Any Kid Can Code

Coding for Kids

Anyone can learn to code – children in particular. The last people you would expect: 2 remarkable computer coders surfaced at the recent Apple WWDC (world-wide developers’ conference) held this week in California. 10-year old from Australia Yuma Soerianto from Melbourne started coding at age 6 through online courses on and from Stanford University that he found on Apple iTunes U. In 4 years, he has created 4 Apple … Read more

GRAPHENE the wonder material – STEM Science


STEM Science for the budding young scientist: Graphene is thought to be the new ‘miracle material’. It is unbreakable but stretchable like rubber, and can carry electric charges far faster than currently used materials. Yet, it is only about a 1-atom thick sheet of graphite, a form of carbon. To get a sense of how thin that is, a sheet of aluminium foil is thousands of atoms thick! It was … Read more

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