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Proud supporters of CSIRO’s Double Helix kids’ science magazine. Our STEM Toys feature as competition prizes

Award-winning Math worksheets, Science workbooks, STEM Science toys for Kids - critical skills for success in this fast-changing world.

Our kids Maths workbooks, often referred to as Math worksheets, as well as English and Science workbooks are based on the renowned Singapore’ approach. It has consistently produced the top students worldwide (learn about Singapore’s No.1 global ranking by the OECD & United Nations).

Our Math worksheets, Science workbooks & STEM Science Toys

How it works

Maths & Science are disciplines that often cause anxiety in children, often also with their parents. As a result many children take to other learning pursuits in their teens, to get away from their discomfort with these subjects. This is needless in many cases, because if handled with thought and care, particularly in the early years, most children grow to be at ease with these subjects. As a result they learn to view them as important life skills.

Especially relevant is the key role parents play in their children’s success. Most of all, it takes only a half-hour of ‘Funwork‘ a day with our Maths workbooks, Science workbooks, STEM toys to keep school blues at bay.


Our Award-winning Singapore Workbooks

Most noteworthy, they are ideal for home study. They stress students’ foundation skills, introducing beginners to basic concepts concretely, using models, diagrams and pictures. In addition, students as young as Year 1 begin learning multiplication and division, and start performing simple pictorial algebra by Year 4.

Our kids Maths workbooks, often referred to as math worksheets, as well as English and Science workbooks come in graduated series from Year 1 to 6. They typically include worked examples to help your child understand new concepts. In addition, the Math worksheets provide a rich supply of word problems & exercises to reinforce concepts & skills they have learnt.

Especially relevant, children are gradually introduced to often threatening concepts such as algebra, not realising that’s what they are encountering. Furthermore, the workbooks are designed to provide fun and excitement through lively and colourful pictures and activities.


Our Award-winning STEM Science Toys

To provide a balanced learning foundation, TheBalancedChild complements the workbooks with a specially selected range of STEM toys: Coding for Kids, Science Toys, Electronic Science & Mechanical /Engineering Toys. They augment the intellectual book learning with experiential learning.


What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

The focus of STEM learning is the relationship between these four subjects. Underlying STEM-thinking is the need to identify real-world needs and their solutions, with a focus on problem solving. This is particularly relevant for the rapidly evolving world we live in, with implications for economies and the workforce of the future.


Why STEM Toys?

The STEM science toys (Coding for kids, Science toys, Electronics & Mechanics / Engineering toys) provide experiential learning to anchor the intellectual learning from the books.

STEM toys encourage children to explore the world around them. They develop skills in problem-solving, designing and building. STEM learning is most effective when it happens both in & outside school. Most of all, what engages kids outside school? Toys, of course.

Is there a future scientist, engineer, mathematician or global leader in your family? We are proud to bring you this specially selected range of STEM toys because they have clear goals, and encourage kids to acquire all-important STEM skills while having fun.

Secure your child’s future
Award-winning kids Maths workbooks, Science workbooks, STEM Science toys from TheBalancedChild

Proud supporters of CSIRO’s Double Helix kids’ science magazine. Our STEM Toys feature as competition prizes

CHEMISTRY Experiment Kit
Year 4 Maths Set | 3 Workbooks
Partner Science workbooks Year 5 & 6

“Excellent resources. The books & STEM Toys work for our advanced children, but also for those who need a ‘little extra boost’.
We’ll be back next year.”  ~ ‘Gifted & Talented’ Teacher, NSW, Aug 2016

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