Award-winning STEM (Science-Tech-Eng-Maths) Toys & Workbooks to provide the critical skills for success in this fast changing world.

The kids Maths, English & Science workbooks are based on the renowned ‘Singapore’ approach that consistently produces the top students worldwide (learn about Singapore’s No.1 global ranking by the OECD & United Nations).

The STEM toys (Coding for kids, Science, Electronics & Engineering/Mechanics) provide experiential learning to anchor the intellectual learning from the books.

Maths and Science are disciplines that commonly generate anxiety among children. Many divert to other learning pursuits in their teens, needlessly in many cases, simply to get away from their discomfort with these subjects.

But if handled with thought and care, particularly in the early learning years, most children grow to be at ease with these subjects, viewing them as useful and indispensable skills for everyday life.

It takes only an additional half-hour of ‘Funwork’ a day with our resources to keep school blues at bay – and create leaders of the future.

Secure your child’s future

Award-winning kids Maths Science English resources from TheBalancedChild

170830 Non-Routine Maths Year 6

“Standout resources! The books & STEM Toys work not just for our advanced children, but also for those who need a ‘little extra boost’.
We’ll be back next year.”  ~ ‘Gifted & Talented’ Teacher, NSW, Aug 2016

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